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Navigating the Law of Politics (and more)

Politics has become a regulated industry. At Berke Farah LLP, we provide legal advice and counsel to help clients navigate all aspects of the political process – including campaign finance & election law, government ethics, lobbying law, corporate anti-corruption compliance, government investigations, non-profits, and fundraising. Beyond politics, we also represent clients on white collar criminal defense, regulatory, corporate governance, intellectual property, and entertainment law. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations, lobbying and public relations firms, political committees and campaigns, elected and appointed government officials, artists, musicians, and writers.

Berke Farah LLP lawyers have worked in federal and state government, in the executive and legislative branches, as in house general counsels in both the public and private sector, and as prosecutors and investigators.  Our unique experience brings an added value to clients in need of navigating the many interconnected and regulatory issues associated with the political process to help manage their legal and regulatory risks.  Prior to launching Berke Farah LLP, Elliot S. Berke and William J. Farah managed a practice group at a large global law firm, and bring big firm experience with the personal touch and pricing flexibility of a boutique practice.  Berke and Farah have both been named to the Washingtonian "Best Lawyers" list and Berke by ChambersUSA as a "Nationwide Best Lawyers."

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